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Befriend is a social enterprise sparking inclusive, connected communities. We work in partnership with government, community organisations and local residents to nurture communities where all people belong. Whether you’re in search of new friendships, looking to contribute to your local community or seeking to access the expertise of our team of community builders and relationships consultants, let your journey begin here!

Learn how to help the people your organisation supports develop and build relationships

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Community Organisations

Learn how to help the people your organisation supports develop and build relationships

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Support For<br> Local Government

Support For
Local Government

Partner with us to connect people in your local community

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Local Events

The Befriend Social Network has helped people in Perth find new friends for the past 9 years. Sign up today

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Host Events

Hosting events in your neighbourhood is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. We're here to help you make that happen

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Intro to Befriend

Human beings are social creatures. We have a basic need to belong. Sometimes this can be tricky: we move to new countries or cities in search of new opportunities, we end long-term relationships, we change careers or have big things change in our lives that disrupt our social network, and create the need to form new connections. For some of us, connection is tough due to our diverse (dis)abilities, mental health or circumstances.

Friendships are natural relationships. It’s people that make friendships happen.

Befriend makes it easy for people in Perth to get connected. We spark new connections through initiatives that bring people together. Once the sparks start flying, we get out of the way and leave people to connect like they were born to.

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"I think the confidence and being around lots of other people is the [most significant change] that Befriend's helped me with. [This is significant because] because I know I usually don't have the greatest of confidence. If I don't have confidence, then I just feel like I shut down and I don't want to be around people ... So having confidence means that I can go to an event and have a great time and get to know others and not be this person who doesn't want to go."

Befriend Social Network Host

Come say Hi at one of our Social Network Events

The Befriend Social Network helps adults in Perth make new friends. The Social Network is made up of people from all walks of life, who create and attend social gatherings together in Perth. Below is a link to meetup to view all our events.


This map shows in-person events that are happening over the next 14 days; the list on this page shows all events (including online ones) that are happening over the next 14 days

Click here to see full events calendar on Meetup.com

Need to get in touch?

The friendly faces of the Befriend Team are just a phone call away. Befriend HQ is based at Purpose Studio - The Platform.

Level 3 / 256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6000

We're not "behind the desk" all the time (we prefer to be out in the world with people!), so it's always best to call ahead if you'd like to visit us in person. Drop us a line or email if you'd like to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved. 

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

(08) 9520 8574

0404 831 201

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How can Befriend help you?

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We live by that thing your Mum always told you: treat others how you’d like to be treated. We believe that every life matters, every person has value, and that we are stronger together. Befriend is more than just a way to meet up or make friends in Perth; it’s a movement of togetherness.

We’ve been sensing what you’re feeling... A world that seems to be becoming increasingly disconnected and divided. That’s not the sort of world we want to live in, so we started Befriend to do something pretty simple - to bring people together.

We believe that the fabric of strong communities is woven with relationships, connections between people from different backgrounds and walks of life, people of all ages and abilities, people new to a place, people at all stages of life. It is through our connections to each other that we can bridge all divides, and tackle any issue that life throws at us. Stronger, together.


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