We’re all about empowering local people to take charge of their communities! We believe that the best communities are created from within, by the people who live and work there. 

That’s why we exist – to support and encourage amazing people just like you to take the lead in building the kind of community you want to see.

We’re like the coach on the sidelines, cheering you on and providing you with the tools and confidence you need to do the things you care about, with other people who care about them too

Share your hobbies, make some friends, build your community!

The Befriend Social Network is one way for you to sweeten your social life and spark new friendships here in Perth. And hobbies are a great way to do just that! Book clubs, yoga, dog walks, cycling, board games… whatever it is that YOU care about, you can assume other people care about it, too.

Take these superstars, Harry and Amy! They’ve been passionate Dungeons & Dragons players for years, and wanted to find a way to guide other people into the hobby. So they started hosting an open-invitation D&D group for beginners. The results… ✨💥🤓

The Possibility Fellowship is back for 2024 – reimagine possibilities with us!


Alongside 18 curious fellows, Nicola and Peter from Befriend are hosting their third instalment of ‘The Possibility Fellowship’ this March – a 12 week adventure exploring and learning. Together, we’ll play with both theory and practice, connect with each other, imagine, nourish and grow our own vision for our communities and the vital role we each play in it.

You could walk away from this experience feeling more deeply connected to yourself, more able to walk confidently alongside others, and more committed to making uniquely powerful contributions to the communities you care about.

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Read our 2023 Social Impact Report


Our grassroots community building involves collaborating with members of the community from all walks of life; older Australians, people with and without disabilities, people experiencing mental ill-health, young people, families and neighbours. Through our unique projects, local people feel supported and empowered to take action as part of a network, to grow inclusive, connected communities in which all people are valued, connected and feel like they belong. Every year, we distribute a survey to better understand the impact our community building efforts are having on the people and communities we serve. Read the full report just here!

Free Community and Connection Workshops


Finding the people and communities who make our hearts sing takes intention, support and energy. But our personal situations, our health, our life commitments and our confidence is always changing, and these things can impact our capacity to try new things, develop new strategies, and meet new people. Maybe you’re confused or anxious about where to start making new connections, maybe you’re curious about how you might like to give back to your community, or perhaps you’ve already got an idea to bring people together over something you care about, and you’d just like a few tips on how to get started?

Our free workshops are designed to meet you where you’re at on your connection journey! We hope to see you there!

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Check out what local folks are hosting in the Befriend Social Network this month

Check out what’s happening in your local area this month with our interactive event map below. You can open the map in a full screen window using the button beneath it.

If you find an event you like the sound of, click on it to head over to the community Meetup page where you can RSVP, reach out to the group host, and find all the information you need!

We support mission-driven organisations to transform how they think about their roles

Befriend Consulting supports organisations all over Australia with the design and development of innovative, contemporary approaches to community service and relationships across four key areas:

Service Design

Organisational Development

Strategic Evolution

Workforce Capacity-Building

Our work has helped organisations and community personnel become powerful enablers of community connection by working and thinking in more impactful ways.

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