Proudly introducing a development opportunity like we’ve never done before! We’ve called it The Possibility Fellowship, and it’s a 12 week course that focuses on you and your development as community members, leaders and change-makers. We believe you have the potential to create real social change and we’re here to support you on that path.


Rich in games, theory and creativity, this journey stewards you through some big topics in an accessible, personal way. With a balanced blend of modern science and traditional wisdom, together, we explore what it means to be human, oral storytelling, gifts discovery, social entrepreneurship, recent brain research and more… all whilst working with and on your own creative project!


You don’t need to have “grand idea” to make the world a better place to sign up for this course – we simply start with the things you care about, and the difference you seek to make in your community, and go from there!


Is The Possibility Fellowship for you?

Maybe it is! Here are some questions that may help answer that question.

  • Are you passionate about growing more inclusive communities for all?
  • Do you or others close to you have first hand experience of barriers to belonging and participation?
  • Are you longing to make a difference and uncertain of the best way forward?
  • Or are you already actively engaged as a leader, policy maker, community connector, activist, scholar or social entrepreneur?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the ‘problems’ our world is facing?
  • Are you looking for inspiration, hope and some fellow travellers?


In a nutshell…

Here’s how The Fellowship unfolds over the 12 week period.

  • An introductory weekend intensive to deep-dive into exploring who we are, why we’re here and some gentle introductions to some of the underpinning theories behind The Possibility Fellowship
  • 5 face-to-face gatherings coupled with creative activities to complete in your own time and guest contributors
  • One extended session midway through where we’ll share a potluck dinner and reflect together
  • An invitation to meet with your small group between sessions for mutual support, learning and creative play
  • The final weekend gathering is a festive celebration! Graduates of The Possibility Fellowship share the fruits of their explorations through dialogues, mini-workshops, storytelling, or in other creative ways, offering a window into your vision for inclusive community



Image description: Consulting workshop

Image from “Reconnecting Lives”, a collaborative learning event co-hosted by Befriend.


Is this in-person or online?

This course is in-person over the course of 12 weeks, with sessions held at The Platform on Adelaide Terrace. We aim to have no more than 18 people on the course.

Between sessions you and your fellows are encouraged to catch-up online or in-person, so you can deepen your thinking and dreaming together in a supportive environment.


Meet Peter and Nicola, your hosts

Peter and Nicola are Befriend Hosts and Thinking Partners at Befriend. They’ve been nurturing the idea for The Possibility Fellowship for some time now and are excited to invite you to join them on this adventure. Both Nicola and Peter are Warm Data Lab Hosts certified by the International Bateson Institute in Sweden, and in the last year, have introduced the Befriend community to a number of warm data lab conversations!


Team page peterPeter has experience in business, government and academia. He is a warrior for social justice, freedom and human potential. He has a PhD in Transformative Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies and awards from Murdoch University and the Australian Government for outstanding contributions to student learning.

team page nicola

Nicola has a passion for nurturing authentic relationships and safe spaces in which people can open their hearts and minds and reflect together on what matters. She has Diplomas in Community Services and in Conservation & Land Management and is a graduate of Storytelling Beyond Words, at Emerson College in the UK. She has Master Facilitator certification in the Core Gift Discovery™ process.



If you have any queries, concerns or you’d just like to know more about the next Possibility Fellowship (2023), you can reach out to Peter or Nicola below.

Peter le Breton | 

Nicola-Jane le Breton | 


The Final Showcase for the most recent Fellowship; a glimpse into each unique project!

We’re thrilled to showcase the Final Weekend Program from the September – November 2022 cohort of Possibility Fellows. This program details the unique projects each Fellow has been nurturing, and offers you a glimpse into the things they are compelled to contribute to community.


This co-designed program accompanies our final weekend ‘presentations’, held at The Platform on 26-27 November. This last gathering is a chance to come together in community, to celebrate the journey we’ve all been on as individuals and as a collective, learn from each other and of course, graduate as a Possibility Fellow! This final weekend showcase is by invitation only.

Please email if you have any questions about the final weekend or you’re inherently curious and supportive about the work any of these wonderful Fellows have been up to!




“How do we think our way through the messes we’re in when the way we think is part of the mess?”
– Nora Bateson