meet the team

We approach our work and play with curiosity and optimism, and always, always with relationships at the heart of what we do!
Development Facilitator


I love supporting people on their Hosting journey & would love to chat more about that experience, as well as all-things impact measurement!

Community Manager


I support active community members who want to connect people in their neighbourhood. If that sounds like you, I’d love to hear from you.

team page nicola
team page nicola
Community Story Weaver


I love to help individuals and communities discover their gifts and connect through the magic of shared story. Let’s yarn.

Kwinana/Anketell Community Builder


We seek people from here & there, interested in fun times, food & friendship to share.
Curious to know more? Kwinana – you’ll find us there!

Armadale Community Builder


I love supporting people in discovering their unique stories and gifts to share within their community. If you’re keen, let’s have a chat 🙂

team member Carmel smiling
Carmel and her children
Swan Community Builder


If you live, work or play in the City of Swan, and you want to grow a connected and thriving community, let’s chat!

Merriwa Community Builder


My passion is for people to feel connected in their local community. I would love to hear your ideas on making this happen!

team page tom
team page tom
Community Photographer


I love seeing how the Befriend community connects and being there to capture those moments. Get in touch if you’d like me to be at your next gathering!

Team page peter
team page peter
Thinking Partner


Like to think, talk and play together? I’m your man. Relationship is everything.



Feel welcome to drop me a line to explore our consulting services or a strategic partnership with Befriend, to work together towards flourishing communities.

Communications Lead


I’m keen to hear what you’re curious about when it comes to human relationships and community. I’d love to learn from you so reach out any time!

team page julia
team page jukia
Service Designer


 I would really enjoy connecting with people who are looking to pave their own path towards community life so I can hear what’s important to you. Reach out if you’re keen!

team mate Mariana
team mate Mariana smiling


My life has changed for the better being in connection with this amazing bunch… it may just do the same for you!

Board Chair


I’m so proud to be part of the Befriend community because it’s a commitment to creating belonging and connection for everyone.

team mate ernst
team mate ernst
Board Member


We all love Befriend’s work around facilitating connection and belonging… there’s a really gentle sense of justice at the heart of it all.

Board Member


I love being a part of Befriend’s journey, seeing and hearing all the wonderful stories and friendships that come from this movement and community… no doubt you will too!

team mate Mariana
team mate Mariana smiling
Board Member

Julie Ann

I believe that humans thrive when we are connected to each other and something bigger than just us. This is what Befriend is all about.

Drop us a line!

Keen to have a chat with a member of the staff team? Let us know which Befriendly face you’re looking to connect with, so you can have the right conversation with the right person!

How we work

We have an intentional work community that supports all team members to flourish.

We see the work environment as a small, meaningful microcosm of community life and we love to approach the work behind the work in a way that brings out the best in all of us. We work in a flexible, self-managed environment, supporting and trusting one another to make informed, impactful decisions that develop our work in new and creative ways.

We love what we do so much that we’ve created a set of principles that we use to guide our experience at work. These principles have been informed by meaningful experiences unique to each of us and we value their place in our working life.

We are a community of purpose, continually deepening and enhancing the
impact of our work

We work with a spirit of hope and optimism, approaching progress by focusing on the potential present in people, situations and society (rather than focusing on fixing problems)

We approach challenges with bravery and resilience, secure in the knowledge that we are in a supportive environment in which it is safe to fail.

We are a collective and we share responsibility to support the health of our core purpose, projects and people.

We uphold structures that facilitate collaboration and connection and we all take great pride in stepping forward to lead the work at different times, in different ways.

We bring our authentic selves to work everyday, knowing we are valued as a human being. We celebrate the diversity in our lived experiences and we value one another’s unique and irreplaceable contributions, trusting each other to work with freedom and flexibility.

We appreciate the connection we have with others and create a space in which we can be vulnerable and honest with one another, gently challenging ideas to offer new perspectives on our work.

Accepting that growth isn’t always easy, we encourage a culture of self-reflection and discovery to develop ourselves further. We take joy in seeing one another flourish and adapt with change.

We are committed to continuous and never ending improvement, constantly monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of our work to create more meaningful impact.