Our work is enabled through partnerships with government and community organisations, but there are also other ways that individuals and companies can make a financial contribution.

Donations help us meet the behind-the-scenes costs and keep our community-building efforts free for people to participate in! We’ve intentionally designed The Befriend Social Network to have as few barriers as possible; meaning that there’s no membership fees or recurring costs, groups and gatherings are mostly free or low-cost, they’re held in accessible, community spaces and they’re near public transport. We believe that everyone should be able to attend a gathering if they want to, so we’re continuously trying to make that possible and every little counts towards that.

If you would like to make a donation to Befriend, please click the button below

Befriend is registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a Tax Concession Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. This means that all donations to Befriend may be considered a deduction for tax purposes.

If you would like to discuss donations or philanthropic contributions, please contact Nick Maisey on 0421 061 042 or for a chat.

Thanks for your kindness, support and generosity!