Working together to spark connected, thriving communities

Befriend works collaboratively with local residents, community organisations, businesses and government to influence sustainable change in local community life. 


Our grassroots community building approach is unique and responsive to the individual pursuits and the collective needs of the people we seek to serve. No two community building projects are the same to us; some are nested within the context of a peak funding body, others are in partnership with other valued, mission-aligned partners or local government. But they do all have one thing in common; all of our grassroots work includes collaboration with members of the community from all walks of life; older Australians, people with and without disabilities, people experiencing mental ill-health, young people, families, neighbours.

Underpinning our diverse engagement methods is a robust, shared foundation of impact evaluation and program logic, outcomes for which are influenced by peak body research frameworks such as WACOSS, Inclusive Australia, Compendium of OECD wellbeing indicators. At the heart of all of our community building efforts is a guiding mission; to empower and journey with local residents as they seek to spark new relationships, step into community leadership roles, and thrive in their contributions to others.

Every year, Befriend distributes a survey online and in-person, to better understand the impact our grassroots community building activities are having on the people and communities we serve.


Read our 2022 Social Impact Report just below or click the button to download a copy.

A snapshot of responses

We’ve collated a number of responses from this years’ social impact survey, demonstrating the collective impact of Befriend’s work with community.

“I have made more friends and come out of my shell.”

This was further reinforced by 73% of respondents who agreed that they’re more confident since connecting with Befriend


“I introduce myself and find out some more about their lives and interests.”

True community inclusion takes a whole-of-community approach and respondents regularly took action to include others

“I feel less isolated and more connected.”

81% of respondents agreed that they had made new friends since connecting into a Befriend-affliated group

“I’m meeting new people and feeling much happier after speaking with them.”

Grassroots community inclusion offers a preventive, protective and curative impact on our community wellbeing and mental health

“Having a regular window is important. Meeting like minded people is reassuring to my sense of self.”

Over half of our respondents attend Befriend-affiliated groups fortnightly or weekly, adding an intentional rhythm to their social calendar


“Meeting new and unique people, giving me new perspectives on life/circumstances.”

Shared experiences between people from diverse backgrounds influences attitudes towards inclusivity. Growing inclusive attitudes, in turn, grows inclusive behaviours

“I feel very grateful that this community has welcomed me with open arms.”

80% of respondents felt they were comfortable being themselves at a Befriend-affiliated group, living true to our core value of authenticity

“Our group is very important to me and the other members in these very difficult and uncertain times.”

Our place-based community building projects make a unique contribution to building strong and resilient communities


“It is wonderful to have access to a non judgemental group of people who are there to join together in a common interest.”

Connections develop when people are able to share their gifts and passions with others openly in a safe, warm community context

Work with us to create sustainable community impact

If you’re interested in learning more about how we might work together to spark a new community building project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to CEO Nick Maisey, on . We’d love to learn more about your organisation and what you hope to contribute to Perth’s inclusive communities.