Volunteer with the Social Network

It's as easy as sharing a little piece of your life with others...

The Befriend Social Network makes it easy for people to get connected, through friendly, welcoming social gatherings. These small gatherings are all hosted by volunteers - That's where you come in! As an Event Host volunteer, you act as the friendly face to meet and greet people on arrival, introduce newcomers, and make sure everyone feels included. You choose what types of gatherings you'd like to Host, and have the control to schedule them at a time and place that suits you. 

Here's how Misty got involved!

Misty and her chocolate labrador Pippin love a leisurely stroll at the Bayswater Riverside Gardens, and can be found along the banks most Saturday afternoons. Misty realised that becoming an Event Host with Befriend was as easy as extending the invitation to anyone from the community who wanted to come and join her on her walks. They've since enjoyed the company of all kinds of humans and pooches alike, keen to join the walk for some friendly conversation. In the winter months, Pippin (who acts as Misty's ever-faithful Co-Host) had the great idea of heading indoors to the Pet Lovers' Cafe in Maylands, so they could keep having their regular social gatherings with a roof over their head in a pet-friendly venue (where there's treats for all creatures!)

Whether you're a dog walker, a foodie, a fitness fiend, a coffee connoisseur, a board game enthusiast or a movie buff, volunteering with Befriend is as easy as extending the invitation to others!

Still need convincing?

Event Hosts say they have lots of fun, always meet new and different people from all backgrounds and walks of life, and get a real kick out of finding simple ways to bring people together. Our Hosts also tell us that this experience is great for:

If the Hosting role feels like too much pressure, you can even get started as a Co-Host, simply showing up on the day to help out one of our regular Hosts with an event that they've planned.