Community Service Partnerships

Does your organisation have the capabilities to successfully enable people to be present in valued social roles, have natural relationships and a true sense of inclusion and belonging in the community? Do the people who access your services have significant life roles, friendships and strong connections in their community, or do they only have support workers who they do activities with?

Enabling people to have true friendships and strong connections in their community does not come easily. It doesn't happen by chance. It comes about through effective, strategic, structured approaches.

Befriend support community service staff to take an effective, evidence-based, intentional approach to enabling people to develop natural relationships and connections within their community. 

Your organisation can work with Befriend through a range of ways:

Staff Training and Development

The Befriend Team can deliver in-house professional development workshops to support your staff to develop their capabilities in topics including relationship-building, social inclusion, community connections and digital inclusion. Learn more about our Signature Workshops Here

Ongoing Staff Coaching & Consultation

Change doesn't happen overnight. Excellence in service delivery comes through intensive investment and sustained support. For organisations seeking to become sector-leaders in enabling inclusion and connection, Befriend offer ongoing coaching, mentoring and facilitation to support sustainable organisational change. These working relationships are custom-created and adapted over time to suit your staff's needs, working routines and team dynamics. Contact Befriend Director Nick Maisey on 0421 061 042 or email Enable JavaScript to view protected content. to discuss your needs.

Connecting people into the Befriend Social Network

If your service-users are seeking easy, inclusive opportunities to meet new people, have fun social experiences and expand their social network, look no further than the Befriend Social Network, Perth's largest inclusive social network. With over 7,000 members and 50+ inclusive social gatherings each month across Perth, there are plenty of opportunities for your service users (and staff!) to get connected.  Learn more about the Befriend Social Network Here.

For more information about how your organisation can work with Befriend, please contact Befriend Director Nick Maisey at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or on 0421 061 042.

Or, take a look at our Signature Workshops.

Partner in Profile: Avivo

Avivo work in partnership with people and families to plan and provide the supports they choose to 'live life.' Avivo recognise the importance of relationships as a key determinant in living a meaningful, enjoyable life, and sought out a partnership with Befriend to enable people to have more choice and control when it came to meeting new people and forming connections in the community.

Since 2013, Avivo and Befriend have worked in partnership to enable the social connectedness and inclusion of Avivo service users, and support the development of staff capabilities.

The Avivo-Befriend partnership currently encompasses working in close partnership with Avivo staff and customers within a chosen geographical area through a number of mechanisms:

  • Professional Development - Develop staff capabilities through the Signature Workshops 'Relationship-Building: Science & Strategies,' 'Community Connections Certification,' and 'Digital Inclusion Fundamentals.'
  • Staff Coaching - Support sustained practice through monthly facilitated team-coaching sessions with Support Workers and Team Facilitators, applying relationship-building theory and principles to improve outcomes of service-users.
  • In-House Counsel - A Befriend Consultant located part-time within Avivo offices, providing 1:1 consultations with Avivo staff and service-users, supporting the day-to-day implementation of relationship-building principles and community connections practice.
  • Connection-Focused Innovation - Avivo staff and service-users and Befriend team members have worked collaboratively to design, develop, pilot and evaluate a number of innovations focused on enabling inclusion and connection.
  • Sector Development - Co-publication and presentation of the partnership as a case study of best-practice partnership approaches.