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Become a sector leader in connection and inclusion

Is your organisation seeking to invest in its capabilities in enabling people to form natural relationships, community connections and a true sense of inclusion in the community? 

Befriend has been a leading local innovator and collaborator since 2010, working with individuals, organisations, business and government in the WA community to build social capital locally. Our niche focus on facilitating the development of natural relationships and community connections is underpinned by our strong academic background and value for evidence-based practice, combined with our culture of innovation and our practical, participatory, capacity-building approaches. Our team draw upon the evidence base from around the world on social inclusion, social capital, relationship development and community building.

The Befriend Team are experienced in working with community service provision organisations (such as disability, mental health and aged care service providers) as well as community development organisations (such as Local Government Authorities, Community Foundations and businesses).

Community Service Partnerships

We love to partner with community service providers to develop staff capabilities, equipping community service workers with contemporary knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and practical skills to facilitate connections. Find out more Here.

Local Government Partnerships

Befriend is committed to working in partnership with local government authorities, funders, philanthropic foundations and local communities to support the localised development of inclusive, connected communities in all areas. Find out more Here.

To explore other ways to partner please contact Befriend's CEO Nick Maisey at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or 0421 061 042.