The eFriends Project

Options for Individuals

The eFriends Project delivers one-on-one training for people in their own home or public venue of choice (for example a local café or library).

One-on-one training can help people gain the right skills to connect to the world through digital technology. Training can cover many topics, including:

Is eFriends training for me?

Do you get frustrated by your device or the internet? Do you wish you could communicate with others more easily? Do you have trouble remembering appointments or finding locations? Do you want to be entertained by accessing free music, videos and games?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then eFriends training could be for you! People from all walks of life are welcome to participate in training programs. In particular, we have the capacity to work with older adults and people with disabilities.

Types of training
Training TypeDescriptionNo. of SessionsDuration of Session(s)Price
Taster Session

A casual learning experience to dip your toe in the water. A taster session is for anyone who just needs a little bit of help overcoming a hurdle or two that are getting in the way of using digital technology.

11.5 hours$50
6-Week Beginners Program

A fun, accessible and informative training program for anyone who considers themselves a ‘beginner’ in the world of digital technology. Find answers to any questions you may have and develop your skills for using your device(s) and the internet.

61 hour$231
Premium Training

A highly customised training program for individuals with support needs that require a bit of extra help. This training is delivered by Senior eFriends Trainers who are skilled in occupational therapy and can offer assistance in making your device(s) more accessible. Participants of this training program receive a complimentary assessment meeting prior to training to assist with planning of the training sessions.

No limit1 hour$88 per session


We aren't accepting referrals for new participants right now, but if you'd like to express interest you can contact the Service Coordinator on 0434 559 564 or send us an email.

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