The Possibility Fellowship is an exploration of what’s possible for you and your communities. Some of your presumptions might be challenged, and there might be times where you doubt yourself… but don’t worry, this is all part of the development journey we go on! The course is personal, interactive and a little wild. There’s a danger you could become more cheerful, exuberant and want to dance!

The focus is on you — your stories, gifts and passions — whatever it is that lights your fire. Over 11 weeks, we’ll invite you to imagine, nourish and grow your own vision and seedling project. You can work solo or partner with one or more of your fellow participants. The course is highly interactive — rich in theory, games and creative practice.

We support you to find your purposeful direction. Perhaps you’d like to bring about something new in your community, or you’d like to go about something differently. Perhaps there’s just something you feel called to contribute to community — whether you see yourself as an (emerging) leader, change-maker, connector, activist or an ordinary citizen who likes to help others. Together, we’ll use creative workshops and activities to find it, nurture it and bring it to life.

Finally, we’ll invite you to share a window, a glimpse, into your project or inspiration at your graduation celebration.

You don’t need to have “grand idea” to make the world a better place to sign up for this course – we simply start with the things you care about, and the difference you seek to make in your community, and go from there!

Is The Possibility Fellowship for you?

Maybe it is! Here are some questions that may help answer that question.

  • Are you passionate about growing more inclusive communities for all?
  • Do you or others close to you have first hand experience of barriers to belonging and participation?
  • Are you longing to make a difference and uncertain of the best way forward?
  • Or are you already actively engaged as a leader, policy maker, community connector, activist, scholar or social entrepreneur?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the ‘problems’ our world is facing?
  • Are you looking for inspiration, hope and some fellow travellers?

Final weekend gathering for the Possibility Fellowship Cohort 2022

Image from the Possibility Fellowship 2022.

This group photo is from the Final Weekend in November, where the graduate fellows showcased their final pieces and we celebrated the wild journey together!

What Past Fellows have said:

“I feel like a trampled blossom that has suddenly been revived with so much nurture.You and Nicola gently beckon me to show up as I am. And actually find value in my journey.”

– Sharon Soares, fellow of The Possibility Fellowship 2022

“Peter, you seem to truly live in the realm of Possibility…the kindness and gentleness I feel emanating from you, comes from your intention and willingness and I would say your habitual or natural way of not making assumptions about the other person which could stifle your interaction with them.That is what living in the moment can mean. It is always creative. Thank you, dear Peter, and also Nicola, who is likewise non-judgmental and thoroughly kind. Your endless creativity during this Course has given us surprises all along the way. This was a course without a detectable rudder, steering us unerringly toward our own greater identity and therefore our greater inspiration.”

– Carla van Raay, fellow of The Possibility Fellowship 2022

“When I started I was in limbo. Do I walk back on the path I was going on, or do I try to find something different, something new? The Fellowship helped me to see that I can continue my uni work and do community work, both at the same time. I learned that my community work doesn’t have to be grand, that it can start from the people all around me. The Fellowship experience gave me clarity about my gifts and confidence to give them.”

– Leo Wu, fellow of The Possibility Fellowship 2022

Meet Peter and Nicola, your hosts

Peter and Nicola are Befriend Hosts and Thinking Partners at Befriend. Together, they nurtured the idea for The Possibility Fellowship into being, launching it last September with a cohort of 18 community-minded people. They’re excited to invite you to join them for the next round of the Fellowship, 2023! Both Nicola and Peter are Warm Data Lab Hosts certified by the International Bateson Institute in Sweden, and in the last year, have introduced the Befriend community to a number of warm data lab conversations!

Team page peterPeter has experience in business, government and academia. He is a warrior for social justice, freedom and human potential. He has a PhD in Transformative Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies and awards from Murdoch University and the Australian Government for outstanding contributions to student learning.

team page nicolaNicola has a passion for nurturing authentic relationships and safe spaces in which people can open their hearts and minds and reflect together on what matters. She has Diplomas in Community Services and in Conservation & Land Management and is a graduate of Storytelling Beyond Words, at Emerson College in the UK. She has Master Facilitator certification in the Core Gift Discovery™ process.

Gathering dates

Saturday 11 March 20239am-5pmIntroductory Weekend
Sunday 12 March 20239am-4pmIntroductory Weekend
Wednesday 22 March 20239am-1pmGathering
Wednesday 5 April 20239am-1pmGathering
Wednesday 19 April 20239am-5pm, 6pm-9pmRitual Gathering, Shared Meal Out
Wednesday 3 May 20239am-1pmGathering
Wednesday 17 May 20239am-1pmGathering
Friday 26 May 20236pm-8.30pmFestive Sharing
Saturday 27 May 20239am-5pmFestive Sharing
Sunday 28 May 20239am-5pmFestive Sharing


Last year we held the Fellowship in Perth CBD. All gatherings for our 2023  Fellowship will be in the Kwinana area. Venues to be confirmed, however, all venues will be accessible via public transport and have wheelchair access, free parking and be close to food outlets, amenities and parks.


Our intention is to create a genuinely inclusive space for a diverse range of ‘possibility enthusiasts’ to flourish in, and we would never wish for cost to be a barrier to this. Whilst the course is valued at over $2,000, we whole-heartedly invite you to ‘pay-what-you-can’.

Your offering will not affect your chances of being accepted onto this course. Instead, we will look at your Expression of Interest to better understand your passion and the alignment with what the Fellowship can offer you on your journey.

What’s next?

  • Click the button below below to head over to Humanitix, where you can find more details about the Fellowship from Nicola and Peter. Then when you’re ready, click the ‘Get Tickets’ button. You will then receive an email with a link to an online Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Submit your EOI by midnight Saturday 18 February (the sooner the better)
  • We will contact you to arrange a personal chat by Zoom or by phone to confirm our program is an excellent fit for you.
  • Once you are invited to join The Fellowship, you can pay the course fee you have nominated, which will secure your place in the course.


If you have any queries, concerns or you’d just like to know more about the Possibility Fellowship 2023, you can reach out to Peter or Nicola below.

Peter le Breton | 
Nicola-Jane le Breton |

The Final Showcase for the most recent Fellowship; a glimpse into each unique project!

We’re thrilled to showcase the Final Weekend Program from the September – November 2022 cohort of Possibility Fellows. This program details the unique projects each Fellow has been nurturing, and offers you a glimpse into the things they are compelled to contribute to community.

This co-designed program accompanied the final weekend ‘presentations’, held at The Platform on 26-27 November. This last gathering was a chance to come together in community, to celebrate the journey we’d all been on as individuals and as a collective, learn from each other and of course, graduate as a Possibility Fellow!

“How do we think our way through the messes we’re in when the way we think is part of the mess?”
– Nora Bateson