“Let’s try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and soar”

– Michelle Obama



Give it a Go is a fun and free travelling community adventure taking place across different locations in the City of Swan! It gives you a chance to try new activities, discover a hidden hobby, sweeten your social life and meet other people in your local community… all in a low-pressure, easy and cosy environment! Drop in for one session, or come to them all – this is totally your adventure!



We’ll be in Brabham for 10 weeks, and then move to another suburb in Swan, and then another, all during the school terms throughout the year. So whilst the kids are at school, we hope you’ll swing by and try your hand at some of the activities we have planned: board games, crafts, gardening, learn a recipe, try some yoga or just hang out for a coffee!




Meeting new people can be a little tough. We worry about what to say, and if it’ll be awkward. Firstly, that’s super normal. We all feel butterflies sometimes! Secondly, we’ve learn that sharing an experience of some kind is a great way to facilitate conversation. Keeping your hands busy, bursting into laughter over your jenga tower tumbling down, or learning how to blend chai spices together, are moments that brings you closer with someone. They plant little seeds of connection.


Give it a Go is a great way to discover (or maybe even rediscover!) a passion, meeting new people! We’ll be running this adventure for 10 weeks, every Thursday, with different low-key activities available to try throughout.


Plus, maybe you’ll get to see some of the same people each week and the little seed of connection could become a friendship, or another friendly face around in your community!




  • Give it a Go Brabham will be setting up camp at Brabham Pavilion (54 Lakefield Dr, Brabham WA 6055)
  • Every Thursday, 1pm to 3pm,
  • Running from the 27 April – 29 June 2023


It’s all free. Yup, 100% free. No sign ups, no tickets or paper work. Just rock up for one week (or rock up for all 10!) and try it out. It’s on us!



Good question! We’re collaborating with local Swan community members to offer all kinds of fun activity stations. We don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you everything (you’ll have to come along if you’re really curious!), but we can share that over the course of the 10 weeks we’ll have:


  • games and puzzles to get a tiny bit competitive over (remembering that, really, we’re all winners at Give it a Go!)
  • different crafty exercises to try your hand at
  • light exercise and stretches led by a local fitness expert
  • opportunities to learn a new skill
  • coffee and conversation


We’re lucky to have both indoor and outdoor activities, so there’s a good mix on offer.





We would love to collaborate with locals to share their gifts, hobbies and passions! If you have a special skill, whether you’re a yoga teacher, a painter, a pottery guru, a flower arranger, or anything in between, please reach out using the information below. We can’t wait to meet you!




Ally (left) and Carmel (right) are Befriend’s Community Builders in the City of Swan! They’ve been dreaming of doing a ‘Give it a Go’ programme for the past year, and this is the results! If you have any questions or you want to chat through what you can expect in more detail, then please reach out to either Ally or Carmel on the details below:

Ally | call or text 0493 333 735

Carmel | text 0403 026 462

Give it a Go is proudly supported by the City of Swan.