We all know that humans are social beings. For tens of thousands of years, we’ve come together to overcome obstacles, to forge friendships, and to build networks of deep care and support. It’s through our connections to one another that we find a sense of belonging and the strength to get through our personal and collective challenges. Never has this been more true than now, amidst this pandemic.


Perth is now beginning to live, work and play with COVID-19 in the community, and for us connection-minded folks, we’re asking ourselves what the next few months might look like for our social routines. How we can have healthy, productive conversations with our friends and family about safety, wellbeing and inclusion? In what ways might we like to adapt our groups and routines to include others? What creative measures can we experiment with that will help keep people together and create spaces for belonging and friendship?


We’ve created a handy resource to help you explore these questions further! Within these pages, you’ll find

  • reflective questions for yourself
  • conversation prompts for your friends, family and social groups
  • hints and tips to help you have these conversations
  • a little creative inspiration from the Befriend community
  • an offer of support from us


This resource is made for you and your communities, from us here at Befriend. You can use it just for yourself, with a friend or family member, or you can use it in a social group setting to have conversations about how you might stay connected over the coming months. Print it out, scribble in the margins, share it with your friends or family, or just skip to the parts you’re interested in. It’s yours to keep!


We know the landscape ahead might feel uncertain and that you might be looking for a bit of extra support to navigate your connected world. Please reach out to our Community Building Staff Team for a conversation if you’re looking to connect into the Befriend Social Network or spark something in your own way. For more information about The Befriend Social Network and our COVID-19 organisational position, you can head over to our FAQs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, sing out!


We hope that it’ll help you and your social networks prepare to nurture connection throughout 2022 in a way that is safe, inclusive and meaningful.