Thursday, April 2, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we think about human connection, how we approach belonging and how we support people to continue cultivating a much-need sense of community in this uncertain climate. On the fly, we've rapidly responded to the situation and made significant changes to our operating model in the interests of community wellbeing, working alongside local residents, The Befriend Social Network community, and partner organisations to our movement of togetherness in this current context. As a team, we quickly moved beyond ‘response’ to ‘regeneration,’ stepping up to the task at hand to nurture social & community connectedness in creative new ways at a critical time.

We felt it was important to document and share our experiences, in the hopes we can inspire others and offer some insights into how we're working, feeling, thinking and adapting. So, these last few weeks, members of the Befriend Staff Team have been 'working out loud', journaling different aspects of our work from their own perspectives, as we've collectively navigated difficult decisions and unearthed new approaches.

This is Chapter 1 of this documented "Working Out Loud" series, which we began on Tuesday 17th March and finalised on Friday 27th March. We’ll be sharing these experiences in chapters every two weeks to help offer insights into how we’re collaborating with others to pioneer new possibilities for supporting connection, and what we’re learning. Enjoy, stay safe and stay connected!


Click here to download Chapter 1 of our Working Out Loud Journals as a pdf!

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