Monday, May 25, 2020

This is Chapter 3 of this documented "Working Out Loud" series. As WA cautiously moves forward from COVID-19, the Befriend Staff Team got together for three internal meetings over the course of May to discuss the future of The Social Network, questioning how we might continue to support local residents to meet in-person in line with the new guidelines, and what our role might be in future weeks, months and years. 

In an effort to share our experiences with others as we've navigated the challenges brought around by COVID-19, this journal is a summary of our meeting notes, capturing the process of how we make collective organisational decisions and move forward to take action. 

We’ll be sharing these reflections in chapters every few weeks to help offer insights into how we’re collaborating with others to pioneer new possibilities for supporting connection, and what we’re learning. Click here to check out our first chapter in this series!

Enjoy, stay safe and stay connected! 



Click here to download Chapter 3 of our Working Out Loud Journals as a pdf!

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