Tuesday, June 2, 2020

W.A. is moving cautiously forward from the worst of COVID-19, and, after a lot of discussion, feedback from Befriendly Hosts, and conversations with members, we acknowledge that many people are ready to start meeting and Hosting again face-to-face. But, as the past few months have taught us, that's not the only way we can connect with one another. After seeing the successes many online groups have achieved in The Social Network, it's clear to us that virtual events also have a place in the Befriend community. 

This resource has been put together by members of the Befriend Staff Team to help Hosts navigate what the State Government's 'easing of restrictions' might mean for Befriendly gatherings taking place within The Social Network, and work through the different ways Hosts can continue to share social experiences with others - however that may look! You can read the document below or click the button to download it as a pdf. 



Download this resource as a pdf


*banner image photo credit: City of Kwinana

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