Human connection is the best gift of all.


We tend to think of the festive season as a busy time for dinners with family and social catch ups with friends, but for many different reasons, people in your neighbourhood might be spending Christmas Day alone.


Maybe they’re new to the area, or their children are overseas this year.

Maybe they’ve just come out of a long-term relationship or lost their life partner.

Maybe their plans have changed at the last minute.

Maybe they’re working a lot over the next few weeks.

Maybe this is just how it turned out this time.


We think that the festive season is a time for showing people that you care about them and for prioritising connection. If you’re feeling open-hearted and you love to help others feel a sense of belonging in your community, then consider reaching out to a few folks on your street!


We’ve made a cute little print that out that you might like to use (which you can download for free below) that lets your neighbours know your door is open. Or, if you fancy getting creative or inviting the kids in your life to make a card, you might like to write your own note!


Moments of connection come in all shapes and sizes, and we encourage you to think about what you might like to share this Christmas – a mince pie and a cuppa over the fence, brekkie on the veranda, or an extra seat around the dinner table. All of these moments and invitations matter more than you think!


Life is better together… especially at Christmas!


Downloadable flyer that you can print to send to your neighbours


If bringing your neighbours together and building a vibrant street community is something you’d like to be more intentional about in 2023, then we recommend checking out Neighbours Every Day for some great resources. Alternatively, reach out to us for a chat about how you might do this in a way that feels right for you!