We believe that the world is a much nicer place to live, work and play when we all belong, and when we’re sharing the things we care about with others.

We know that strong communities are built around people just like you – people with a unique life story, people of all ages and abilities, people new to a place, people at all stages of life! Through our connections to one another, we discover new things about ourselves and about the world around us.

And hey, we get it… it can be hard to put yourself out there. So, about ten years ago, we started Befriend to do something pretty simple; bring people together!

We work collaboratively with local government, organisations and residents, supporting everyone we meet to think about their roles in the community a little differently and find meaningful ways to contribute to our shared purpose. It’s through this work that we all – as friends, neighbours, employees and citizens – can transform the world into a more connected, inclusive space that welcomes all people!

So, you could say that we’re an organisation on a mission; to nurture connected, thriving communities where everyone is valued and everyone can belong. And that starts right now, with you… we’re just the support act!

Image description: Befriend group at cafe

We’re so much more than a space to connect

We’re sparking a movement of togetherness

Our Vision

Our vision is of an inclusive, connected world.

Our Purpose

We exist to spark human connection between people from diverse backgrounds, to grow inclusive communities in which all people are valued and belong

Our Values

Our values guide everything that we do, from our conversations with the people we encounter, to how we make decisions as a team. They’re our north star.