Befriend is a Perth-based non-profit social enterprise sparking connected, thriving communities. We’re currently looking for a Mentor to help deepen our understanding of our brand anatomy and strategic communications.


About Befriend

Since we launched into the world over ten years ago, Befriend has grown to become a powerful change-agent in the space of relationships and inclusion. Our grassroots community development initiatives have supported over 10,000 West Australians to nurture connection in diverse and creative ways, and our work in partnership with community organisations, researchers and government is changing the conversation around loneliness, isolation and social exclusion.

We’re part cheerleader and part thinking-partner for the people we serve, walking alongside them on their personal journeys as they discover more about themselves and their contributions to others. We exist as an invitation; to be curious, to have courage and to step into the unknown in pursuit of connection!


About the team

We are a small but mighty team, working in a fairly flat organisational structure, trusting and supporting each other to work autonomously and make informed decisions. We are avid learners, experimenters, collaborators and do-ers. We ground all we do in the aspirations of the Perth community, listening deeply to what may be emerging and taking an informed, considered and deeply thoughtful approach to innovation and community building. Read more about our team here.


The purpose of this partnership

Over the last 18 months, we’ve had many energising conversations with local residents and leaders, unearthing their aspirations for growing inclusive, connected communities. The insights from these conversations are challenging us to grow towards our potential, continually developing our personal and organisational capabilities for enabling people to contribute to their communities in diverse, personally-meaningful ways. We have a number of strategic design focuses this year to develop and experiment with new services, pathways and offerings that enable community members to nurture their connectedness.


In support of this exciting transitionary period Befriend is in, we see great potential in enhancing our approach to Communications across four key areas:


  1. Understanding and articulating the unique role and essence of Befriend across the contexts we exist within
  2. Deepening our understanding of our core audience(s) to inform our community development initiatives and supporting communications
  3. Understanding the unique relationship(s) Befriend has with each of our core audience(s)
  4. Developing strategic communications touchpoints and tactics for our core audience(s) that create awareness of the potential between us and encourage them to consider the types of action they’re looking to take for the betterment of community life


We will be developing these four areas of our Communications capabilities in tandem with an internal team of service designers who are focused on designing and experimenting with approaches that enable people to discover and pursue personally meaningful ways of contributing to their neighbourhoods and communities. This is highly emergent work that holds great potential for Befriend as an organisation and for the people we seek to serve.


This mentorship will likely look like…

  • A developmental, close working relationship with our Communications Lead, Hayley (and other team members from the Design Team)
  • Facilitating discovery conversations with the team to unearth new understanding within the four focus areas of our communications
  • Mentoring our approaches and capabilities to discover and develop ourselves across those four focus areas
  • Close collaboration to design processes that can deepen our understanding and increase the robustness, assurance and confidence of our strategic communications


We’re looking to connect with…

  • A deep listener who seeks to understand
  • A patient, resilient mentor who is comfortable with complexity and highly emergent work
  • A skilful and thoughtful facilitator of discovery conversations to unearth new understanding
  • Someone who can think both conceptually and practically, with a focus on grounding the work in real life
  • A highly relational mentor who loves working with people and organisations on their professional development and has some deep experience in doing this in a communications capacity
  • Someone who works in a ‘life informed’ way, with a strong appreciation for working holistically and with uniqueness
  • A creative communications practitioner who can adapt traditional marketing approaches to our specific context, ethos and mission
  • Someone who puts relationships at the centre of their life and work
  • An optimist who looks for potential and possibility


A gentle note on what we’re not looking for right now

We’re not looking for a traditional or template approach to our marketing, or the immediate design and implementation of advertising, branding and digital strategies. We’re looking to dive deeply into various aspects of our brand anatomy, understanding the unique role we play for the West Australian community and the meaningful comms interactions we can design to ignite curiosity and inspire people to take personally meaningful community action.

Our work is underpinned by strong principles of community development and regeneration. We value learning, collaboration, and the unfolding of our own discovery process (sprinkled with fun and creativity!).


Additional Details

  • We anticipate this partnership will run from February 2022 to June 2022
  • We expect the frequency of our collaborations together to vary based on the work we’re developing, however, as an approximation, we estimate 3-5 hours a month of mentoring
  • We are happy to look at both online and ‘in-person’ engagements, or a mix of both!


Keen to explore this further?


If you have questions about the role, please feel free to reach out directly to Hayley on the email address provided above. We look forward to hearing from you!

We know that strength comes with diversity, and welcome all unique applicants from all backgrounds.