Befriend is a Perth-based non-profit social enterprise sparking connected, thriving communities. We’re currently looking for a Treasurer and someone with strong experience with strategic governance to join our Board Team!


About Befriend

Since its launch ten years ago, Befriend has grown to become a powerful change agent in the space of relationships and inclusion. Our grassroots community development initiatives have sparked 10,000+ West Australians to take action to nurture community connection, and our work in partnership with citizens, community organisations, researchers and government is changing the conversation around loneliness, isolation and social exclusion. We’re continuing to develop our capability to contribute towards systemic change.

We have a small but mighty team (~20 staff), working in a fairly flat organisational structure, trusting and supporting people to work autonomously and make informed decisions. With a firm intention to continually develop as a radically-inclusive, participatory organisation that deeply values people and their potential, we place high value on developing the workplace as a primary context for people to thrive. The unique infrastructure supporting our self-managing environment has been carefully nurtured over many years to include a robust peer-based support/thrive system, individual and collective decision-making practices, collaborative organising structures, and a culture of personal development.


About the Board

Our Board team come from a range of backgrounds, professions and experiences, and are deeply committed to Befriend’s purpose, values and sustainable development. The Board environment has been consciously developed as one of deep collegial respect, psychological safety, rich conversation and openness to creative ways for governance and insight to happen that are grounded in our values and unique culture. We’re seeking a Treasurer and someone with strong experience in strategic governance to join our Board team of six.


Key Responsibilities of Board Members at Befriend

  • Protecting the integrity of the Organisation (the way it complies, meets its legal requirements and remains financially sustainable)
  • Collaborating with staff members and other key stakeholders to influence Befriend’s strategic development and evolution
  • Providing occasional advice and guidance to staff team members in support of their work 

Befriend is a non-profit incorporated association in WA and a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. As such, Board members are expected to uphold responsibilities in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015, ACNC governance standards and Befriend’s constitution.  


The Board member experience involves: 

  • Participating in bimonthly 2hr strategic governing meetings with Board members and representatives of the operational team
  • Participating in bimonthly 2hr ‘Town Hall’ meetings with Board members and staff from across the operations
  • 1:1 Advice consultations with staff members (on occasion)
  • Opportunities to connect in to the organisation and its work through diverse experiences of the work ‘in action’ (optional, as one’s interests and capacity allow)


The qualities we seek in all Board members include:

  • Open-minded and open-hearted, highly flexible and adaptable with things unfolding in unexpected ways
  • Naturally curious and inquisitive
  • Calm, patient and resilient working through complex, ambiguous and uncertain environments
  • Deep listening, intuitive and discerning, seeing patterns that others may not 
  • Courageous in exploring unconventional forms of leadership, management and governance
  • An affirming, respectful team player
  • Humility, continually learning, developing and growing as a whole human

Please note Board membership is subject to the presentation of a satisfactory National Police Clearance prior to commencement. Police Clearances are organised by Befriend, who will bear the cost of the application.


The experiences, qualifications and strengths we’re currently seeking in these two Board roles include:



  • Relevant qualifications, expertise and experience in supporting an organisation’s financial health and sustainability.
  • Prior board experience particularly in the not-for-profit sector with a working knowledge of director’s duties and responsibilities, corporate governance and statutory compliance requirements is preferred.
  • Please note there is no hands-on operational aspect to this position. All operational requirements for financial management, administration and reporting are undertaken by paid staff. The expected time commitment for the Treasurer role is the same as all other Board team members (outlined below).

Strategic Governance

  • Experience in stewarding medium-sized organisations towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance
  • A natural gift for cultivating relationships and facilitating strategic discussion among diverse individuals
  • Prior board experience particularly in the not-for-profit sector with a working knowledge of director’s duties and responsibilities, corporate governance and statutory compliance requirements.


Additional strengths and experiences that we believe would complement our current Board team include:

  • Understanding of the organisational paradigm of ‘self-management,’ and experience in self-managing organisational environments
  • Experience in diverse working environments with atypical, human-centred management and collaboration structures
  • Systems thinking capabilities, ideally with experience applying this within the context of organisational strategy and diverse forms of partnership
  • Conscious brand development
  • Experience navigating complexity, with a deep appreciation for organisational essence and mission
  • Experience as part of an organisation growing from ‘small’ to ‘medium’ size
  • The presence and perspectives of First Nations people
  • The presence and perspectives of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

We know that you’re your own unique person. We’re not expecting someone to have all of these strengths and experiences, nor are we looking to tick boxes or define you against a strict criteria. If some of these statements resonate with you, we’re interested in hearing from you.



This is a voluntary role for which you do not receive financial remuneration. The commitment is approximately 5-10 hours per month. We know that life brings the unexpected, but we hope you will commit to joining us for a minimum of 2-3 years.


Sound like you?

We’re inviting expressions of interest and will be having ongoing conversations with interested individuals from February onwards. If we mutually agree that there’s a good fit, we may invite you to join the Board team as a guest for a 3 month period before confirming your Board membership.

Express your interest by sending an initial email to In your email, it would be useful for us to learn more about you; what it is about our organisation and this role that resonates with you, the kinds of contributions you want to make, and the gifts, strengths, capabilities and experience you hope to bring to our team and this work.

We know that strength comes with diversity, and we welcome all unique applicants from all backgrounds. For questions about this role, contact CEO Nick Maisey on the email address listed above to arrange a conversation.