Support Befriend, Support your Community

An inclusive society is one that is richer and stronger for all of its people. Befriend is building the culture our future needs.

Befriend is a social enterprise that does not receive recurrent government funding. The success of our work is a result of extraordinary support from many people and organisations. We work in partnership with community organisations, state and local governments committed to the inclusion of all individuals in community life.

If you or your organisation would like to explore other ways of supporting or partnering with Befriend, please contact CEO Nick Maisey on 0421 061 042 or Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Key Community Partners

We work with our Key Community Partners to develop their strategies and capabilities for enhancing the social inclusion and connectedness of their service users. We thank our Community Partners for their commitment to working with us towards a shared vision of an inclusive, connected society.

Local Government Partners

We work with our Local Government Partners to strengthen community connections by developing welcoming neighbourhood networks. We thank our Local Government Partners for their commitment to working with us towards a shared vision of an inclusive, connected society.

Funding Partners

We thank our Funding Partners for investing in inclusive, connected communities.


We thank our Contributors for their financial or in-kind support. Contributors offer a diverse range of support including specialist skills, venues, services, cash and goods.

Referral Partners

We thank the hundreds of Referral Partners across Perth who help spread the word about opportunities to connect through the Befriend Social Network.

The Befriend Community

Befriend simply would not operate without the amazing contributions of the entire Befriend community! A huge thank you to all of our members, volunteers, friends and fans for your ongoing support.