Our Values

Want to know what's at our core?

As a mission-driven organisation, our values underpin everything we do, how we engage with all the people we encounter, and how we make decisions. Our values have been identified and defined through a consultative process of exploring what the Befriend Team believe to be the organisation's core values.

Here's what we came up with:

Inclusion - We're includers. We live by that thing your Mum always told you; treat others how you'd like to be treated.

Authenticity - Real human connection begins with being genuine. We love seeing people living as their true self, quirks 'n all.

Curiosity - We're open to exploring new ways of seeing the world, through the people we meet and the way we operate, to be ever learning and growing.

Fun - Fun is the glue that brings people together. We're basically a glue factory.

Sustainability - Deep, meaningful relationships can last a lifetime. We want our organisation to be around until everyone has that.

Want to nurture these values within your organisation? Contact Nick on 0421 061 042 or via Enable JavaScript to view protected content. to explore how we can support your aspirations.