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Sunday, August 20, 2017

My friend told me that she heard about [Befriend] through another friend, and that there was going to be a barbeque on Sunday. Then we went to Befriend and I had a really good time… It was more or less to meet new people, have new experiences.

I did have a bit of a social life [before] but it wasn't as good as it's been since Befriend. I'm glad that I've actually tried new things. I was.... keen to actually experience more things. I think I've been this month about two, three times. There certainly are times that I've actually gone to almost every event. They've had a fair few dog walks along the beach…I did that. It wasn't horrible but wouldn't necessarily be in a rush to do it again. I like the active ones. I have done things like tennis, I might have even done soccer once.

Sometimes I'll go with some of my friends. [It’s] always really, really cool when I can actually go with someone I know… But I'm happy to do it by myself as well. Generally, I’m a participant but I'm really, really determined to actually host an event again.... You learn a different way to interact with people. Because when you're organising you need to get everyone together, so you need to be able to talk a bit more. With hosting [there are] many things they need to do. It's just freaking amazing.

I would say generally, most of the time, it's been pretty good. I think most of [the events], for me personally, have run quite smoothly. It generally depends how receptive [people] are. If they're pretty receptive it makes it so much easier to actually talk to them.

[The most significant change for me was] learning how to host an event. Having an understanding of what hosts go through before they can actually host an event. I guess it gives me even more respect for hosts. Being a host it was a bit more difficult than I thought, but I’m glad I did it that’s for sure. [After being a host] I guess I feel more confident now that I can approach people a lot easier. Rather than before, I was a little hesitant. Still am sometimes, but not as much. It makes me feel good. Getting out of the house and going to new places and meeting new people; all that's really, really good for me. I would recommend it because it gets you out there meeting new people.

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