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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I've only been to a few [Befriend] activities. It started off with someone suggesting I join them as a way of getting me out of the house and meeting new people and just doing something out of my usual routine. It's difficult for me to meet new people. I know I am stuck in a rut.

The first ones I went to I was accompanied by someone. I think she's already a member of the Befriend group so the first couple...I met up with her and then we went to the thing. The fact of not going into them cold with someone that knew a bit about the organisation...was good, because... it was someone there that I already knew.
I've been to one of the coffee things and met some people there. I went to... a craft thing and learnt to make a dreamcatcher. That was fun. I had been wanting for ages to learn how to make them and I thought oh they're going to be hard to do, but they weren't.

I suppose I've got to learn to do things on my own. I mean I'm in my 60’s now so it's about time I started doing stuff on my own. But, yeah, it's just a little bit nerve-racking but I'm determined to do it. I was thinking of going to one [in a few weeks]...I think that'll be my first one by myself, so that'll be a test. It's like a little kid when they're learning to walk sort of thing, the first steps. They're not sure what's going to happen; whether they're going to do the step or fall down.

[The most significant change is] when I get the timetable thing... I try and plan out stuff and [it gives me] something a bit more to look forward to than just the usual daily or weekly stuff. [That is important to me because] if you don't get out of the house much you don't learn about all these sort of things that are out there for people to do. I know myself getting out decreases the boredom... I mean getting out and about and interacting with other people ... stops your brain stagnating.

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