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Thursday, August 17, 2017

I found Befriend through my employment agency who I was registered with quite a few years ago. From there I contacted Befriend; spoke directly with the wonderful Nick Maisey. Nick signed me up and from there I started going to Befriend events; the small events and the big events. Absolutely fantastic. One hundred per cent what I expected and met some new people, made some friends.

I enjoy … them very much, both the small events and the big events. I've been to some of the Café Café events. I've also been to the Befriend ball each year. I've been to some of the San Churro events because I love going to San Churro a lot. Just eating food, drinking and chatting to people who I meet through going to Befriend, which I think is a great thing for me to be doing because that way I'm hoping to make more new friends.

I'm going to start hosting events very soon. More food events like more dining events where we go to cafes, restaurants. I'm really passionate about food. I just went to the most recent Befriend orientation session for event hosts and event co-hosts. That went really well, so I'm going to start hosting in February hopefully.

[The most significant change for me is] making new friends in Perth… building on my social connections. When I first moved to Perth back in 2010 I didn’t have very many friends. When I’m not with friends or family I can feel a bit lonely and depressed… but after I started going to Befriend events I feel quite positive… I think they're very nice people. I've become friends with quite a few of them. Making new friends, meeting the people who I've met, having fun, keeping myself occupied, not being so lonely. When I’ve got company as long as I’m with them I’m always feeling happy.

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