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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I suffer from anxiety and it's something that has plagued me for a number of years. So just sort of being able to be out and in public view and not be anxious was a really big thing for me. I've been wanting to meet new people outside of my usual circles and it sounded like a really good way to do that. I was in a sort of bit of a slump in terms of feeling not so great and just wanting to do something different.

I was always very reserved. It took quite a long time before I'd sort of join in on a conversation with people I didn't know. Because - you always worry that everyone's going to be there with their friends and whether or not you'd be included. That sort of thing was hampering in my ability to function which is sort of a problem when you're in sales. I was sort of just hanging in there because it was a job.

[Now] I'm a lot more confident in talking to people that I've never met before. I've made some new friends. I guess I'm a bit more open to being myself from the outset. I'm quite happy to go to the workshops now by myself now. I feel a lot more at ease. I know what the deal is, how it works and that people are friendly. I've actually made a couple of friends through the courses as well. One particular person, we now go to the courses together. I'm better able to do that now... I'm feeling a bit more inspired about what I want to do with my life. I changed jobs.

I go through stages where I'll be fine and everything will be dandy. Then something will happen I'll just be a miserable mess for a while. [It’s a] supportive environment, even though most of the people are complete and utter strangers.

Probably the confidence to actually go out and meet new people [is the most significant change]. I think my confidence has increased significantly. It's a whole lot less isolating. [This was significant because] you don't feel as alone and broken. You sort of feel like you're fitting in again.

It was a really good way to connect with people that I wouldn't normally encounter through my daily life. I guess you could say it restored my faith in humanity.

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