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Stories of change

Monday, August 21, 2017

I'm a support worker with [Organisation]. [My] first interaction with Befriend was through group training. I did two training [sessions]. Then I've been to a couple of events I can remember. The monthly meet-up in Subiaco, then I went to another one - the ball.

[The first training session] I think [was] talking about independence, talking about the four pillars. Then the second training was all about communication and assistance to people ... and tailoring your support to what they really need.

[Before Befriend] I was just running through the motions really. So I [would] meet the person ... I'm going to be working with and they usually run through what they do normally... I guess they're comfortable with the routine... I’m not sure how much they enjoy it sometimes, but I didn’t even think of asking them...
[Before] I felt like I was just kind of toeing the line and just doing the same things over and over again without direction...There was on the job training for my role but not much more than that. This is the change. [After the training] I started thinking [of asking] this person would they actually like this?

[The most significant change] I guess is that... I’m working with my guys. So I've asked point blank - is there anything I can do to help you feel more social? Do you want to go out more? Do you feel like you have enough friends in your life? Do you feel like you belong? I guess I wasn't even thinking of that before.

Yeah, so thinking of different situations that pop up like I'll take someone to a café... The owner is very welcoming and remembers his name, so that you know it's a really good place to take someone to. I guess before they're concerned mostly about prices. But I'm like ‘oh we could go to that café. That lady is really nice.’

I guess that is the most important [because] that's why I'm there - to support this person and if ... I’m not giving the full benefit ... you know it's a bit empty.

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