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Thursday, August 24, 2017

My involvement in Befriend came about when my friends introduced me to Befriend... The first one I went to was a barbeque... I like to go to social events like Cafe Cafe on a Saturday. That's always nice. I like to go ten-pin bowling and I like the Befriend ball that they hold each year. That's really good.

Before [Befriend], I didn't have much of a social life ... I was very shy. I didn't really want to hang with a lot of people, so I [didn’t] have a lot of friends. I [didn’t] know how to be independent. I'd still rely on my parents... Usually I [would] feel when I go to a place, like someone's judging me or I can't be who I am or they don't understand or accept me.

But since I've been going to Befriend, I also notice I've been less shy and just felt like going out, chatting, having a good time...I have learned a lot of new skills whilst being with Befriend, like making friends, how to introduce myself with confidence and being a better person to my family and everything like that. Befriend has helped me to be independent and go out ... be comfortable making new friends.

I think the confidence and being around lots of other people is the [most significant change] that Befriend's helped me with. [This is significant because] because I know I usually don't have the greatest of confidence. If I don't have confidence, then I just feel like I shut down and I don't want to be around people ... So having confidence means that I can go to an event and have a great time and get to know others and not be this person who doesn't want to go.

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