Join Befriend on a collaborative learning journey

Befriend is really excited to be working with Neighbourhood Centres unified under our common goal of connecting and supporting community

We have been blown away by the diversity of Centres and inspired by the strength and adaptability of a network that is so diverse. Read on to find out how you become involved in learning with us!

Befriend is running free learning sessions for Linkwest Neighbourhood Centres in a variety of formats from September 2019 - May 2020. We have put together a mini-program for you to pick and choose from which to suit your Centre's interests. We hope that these formats can get everyone at your Centre involved, from staff to committee, board members and volunteers, and of course, the people and organisations who use your Centre. The aim of all of these workshops is to collaborate with your community and your colleagues to continue reaching new and diverse individuals.

On this page, you will find all the information you need to know about the different learning sessions. There is no limit to how many sessions you can sign up for.

Step 1) Choose the formats you are interested in

Step 2) Choose your topic(s) for these formats

Step 3) Fill out the Expression of Interest form (detailing your preferred format and topics, dates, times and contact details)

Step 4) Sit back and wait for Befriend to get in touch



Format 1: Chat and Collaborate 

  • A two hour, collaborative, facilitated session with other Centre staff and the option for board/committee members to attend

  • Expect a facilitated chat with post-it notes, butchers paper, coloured pens and plenty of activities. Plus morning tea and a chance for organic, non-facilitated chats too!

  • The dates will be determined once we have confirmed Centres through our Expression of Interest

Format 2: Learn At Your Centre

  • This is where Befriend comes to you to run a facilitated two-hour workshop at a time and date that you choose

  • The power of invitation lies with you. Extend the invite to whoever it is that you would like to be a part of the conversation. We will send you the workshop flyer to help you promote attendance! We recommend a maximum of 30 participants for the activities to work best

Format 3: (Online) Coffee Catch-Ups

  • Want to be able to catch up with your colleagues at other Centres but can’t travel the distance or justify the time? Use these 30-minute coffee catch-ups on the Zoom platform (a simple cloud-based service that does not require an account to join meetings) as a way to collaborate over your morning coffee

  • Have a chance to discuss one key topic with your colleagues in a loosely facilitated discussion around a topic that is important to you, helping to create a stronger Centre network here in Perth

  • This will be once a month in February and March 2020 (as a trial) with an open invitation to Centre Managers



Format 1 - Chat and Collaborate - Topics:

1.1 "Who Do You Wish Was Walking Through Your Door?"

  • Sharing your Centre demographics and talking about who you wish was using your Centre 

  • Understanding the barriers to engagement these people might face

  • Identifying channels to reach out to these people

  • Collaborate for a plan of action

1.2 "How to Create a Space Where Everyone Can Contribute"

  • Mapping out the tasks that create a Centre

  • Identifying places where others can help and contribute in small but meaningful ways

  • Keeping each other accountable to your plan of action

Format 2 - Learn At Your Centre - Topics: 

2.1 Coming Together to Spread the Word of Your Centre 

  • Mapping the people from your community that you want to engage with

  • How to intentionally spread the word about your Centre

  • Identifying and understanding barriers individuals may face to coming along

2.2  How to Help Others Feel More Connected to Your Centre

  • Mapping tasks that are done at your Centre

  • How can you connect others to contributing in meaningful tasks at your Centre?

  • How this can be used to make new and existing members feel like they belong?

Format 3 - Online Coffee Catch-Ups - Topics: 

  • What's important to you? Be part of the conversation that's happening within the Perth Linkwest Neighbourhood Centre community and help inform what these discussions look like

  • Join our brand new private Facebook Group called "Neighbourhood Centre Community, Perth" to have your say on the topic of each monthly online coffee catch-up



Phew, that's a lot of exciting options! The next step is to sign up for the sessions using the Expression of Interest form button just below. 

Fill in the Expression of Interest



1. Can I sign up for everything? Absolutely! Just be sure to register early to secure your spots

2. How can I get an idea of what these sessions look like? Stay in the loop and a part of the conversation through our new Facebook group. We will be releasing the dates and locations of the "Chat and Collaborate "sessions here first, as well as asking for your input on the discussion topics for the Online Coffee Catch-Ups... plus much, much more! So be just to participate in the conversation and join the network.

3. Will you be delivering these sessions regionally? Unfortunately, due to geographical constraints, we will not be able to deliver these sessions in-person to regionally-based Centres. Currently, the only online format offered is the coffee catch-ups. Please register your interest in the EOI form and we will evaluate, based on demand, if an online session is feasible for your Centre.

4. Who can I chat about this more with? Zena would love to chat about this with you! Get in touch at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. with a preferred contact time and number and she will give you a call!