Finding the people and communities who make our hearts sing takes intention, support and energy. But our personal situations, our health, our life commitments and our confidence is always changing, and these things can impact our capacity to try new things, develop new strategies, and meet new people.


  • At one point in life, we might be completely doubting our ability to be a worthy, loveable friend and valued community member (spoiler: you totally are all those things!)


  • Another point in life, we might be ready to take a tiny step forward towards trying something new, or to start giving back to our communities


  • Other times, we might feel so excited and inspired to bring people together over something we deeply care about


This rollercoaster journey is all part of being human!


We run a number of free online and in-person workshops that are designed to meet you where you’re at. Come to one, come to some, come to them all.

💛 Appreciating yourself

Human connection starts with knowing, connecting to, and appreciating ourselves. In this stage of your journey, you’ll find Befriendly workshops and conversations that offer you gentle guidance, tips and exercises to boost your self-confidence, awaken your inner friend, and ultimately, help you recognise that you have so much to offer your community.


Pop along to any of these free community workshops to deepen the relationship you have with yourself.

Befriend Community Series

Join Karen for this series of nine, fortnightly workshops, as you go on a journey of self-discovery and development, in the good company of your fellow local community members.  Register for one, or all sessions, it’s completely up to you!

📝 Planning a step

Radha Agrawal once said that ‘to find your community, you have to be generous with your time and your energy‘, and we think she’s right. This phase of your journey is really about being intentional and planning what kind of next step, big or small, makes most sense for you, right now. Maybe you’re new to an area and have no idea where to look for your people, or perhaps you’re feeling confident enough to start trying to put yourself out there… this planning phase will help you feel more prepared for the journey!
And remember, tip-toe-sized steps are always welcome here!

Stepping Stones


Come along to this warm and gently structured session to think through what your next step for connecting with others might be. Together we’ll think about our interests, explore what we’re open to trying, think about the different spaces we might meet like-minded people, and plan some kind of next step, however big or small that is for you.

🎁 Explore and contribute

In this stage of your journey, you’re firmly fastening your explorers bonnet and you’re starting to explore new places, people, experiences and ways of connecting! You can think of it like trying on different pairs of shoes – some of them won’t fit, some of them might not be your style… but you might find a pair that puts a spring in your step!
Come along to any of these community workshops and experiences to explore new ways of connecting meaningfully to your communities.

Co-working at The Hive


We know that collaboration and support are essential ingredients when it comes to growing new community ideas. We’re stronger when we do things together. That’s why we’d love for you to join us at The Hive – our free, cozy, collaborative co-working hub hosted at the Vic Park Community Space, for anyone nurturing a project that helps make our communities stronger.

Contributing in Community: discover what you love to give!


When we give our unique gifts to communities we care about, we create opportunities for meaningful connection. Come along to explore different ways we can give back to the communities we care about… there is no such thing as a contribution that is too big or too small!

Give it a Go – Caversham


Give it a Go is a fun and free travelling community adventure taking place across different locations in the City of Swan! It gives you a chance to try new activities, discover a hidden hobby, sweeten your social life and meet other people in your local community… all in a low-pressure, easy and cosy environment!

🏕 Rest and Reflect

Like any journey we take in life, we sometimes just need a safe place to stop, to rest, to reflect on where we’ve been and think about where we’re going. Here, we might connect with other travellers who are embarking on their own journey, and we can share stories and ideas with each other.

Community Campfire: a warm place to come back to


Kick your hiking boots off for a moment, make a hot cuppa tea, and take a moment to reflect on where you’ve been… and where you’re going next! Meet other people on their connection journey, share stories, and pick up some tips and tricks along the way!

💥 Spark a community

There are lots of different types of communities out there… communities of faith, communities of purpose, communities of shared social identity, communities of shared social experiences and hobbies (the list goes on). At this phase of your journey, you might have an idea of the kind of community you want to spark for yourself. You’re ready to step into the role that brings people together, in your own way!


Pop along to these workshops if you’re curious about how you could bring people together.

Kickstart your Community: the fundamentals of bringing people together


Whether you want to bring your neighbours together for a BBQ, start a band or organise a local yarn bombing, this two hour conversational workshop will help set you up with new ideas and help you plan how to bring your community get-together to life!

Spark a Befriendly Social Group: the process to become a Social Network Host


If you’ve attended the “Kickstart Your Community” workshop and you’d like to spark a social group with our support, then come along to this informative session where we’ll get you going on your Befriendly hosting journey and welcome you aboard the team!

We know this journey isn’t as linear as it seems when it’s all laid out on the page like this, so don’t worry if that seems overwhelming or scary.


You’re not behind, or in front. You’re just where you are, right now. It’s not always as simple as getting from one phase to the next as quickly as you can, and even in this order… this is a life time journey, and we’ll forever be moving around on it, walking new paths, experimenting with meaningful ways to give back, and trying to deepen our sense of belonging.


We are honoured to walk alongside you on even a tiny little part of your journey.