Humans are social creatures. We’ve been hanging out together for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s in our DNA to want to belong to a community; to feel seen, heard, supported and celebrated.

And whilst Befriend exists to nurture those first sparks of community togetherness, we’re really just the support act. Relationships start with awesome people like you making a choice to connect. They start with you showing up at local events and having a warm conversation with a stranger. They start with you being brave enough to share some of things that are important to you with others – whether that’s through a social hobby, or through sharing homegrown produce from your own backyard.

Connection and community-life looks different to us all…so, whatever it is that you’re searching for, let your journey begin here!

Make the first move!

Embrace the awkward, lace up your Befriend bonnet and bring people together

We know what you’re thinking – getting out there feels scary. Don’t worry, every person who has ever reached out to their community with an invitation to connect probably had butterflies too… it’s all part of the human experience! And trust us when we say, there are thousands of people out there just waiting for someone like you to invite them to connect… it often takes just one person to reach out and make the first move!

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What’s important to you?

All of the best community projects, groups and initiatives started off as an idea – from Community gardens to Buy Nothing groups. All of these wonderful initiatives began as something small. Community life can’t happen without people like you offering up ideas to bring people together.
You might be an online gamer, looking for a digital community, or perhaps you’re passionate about conscious living and want to initiate a local clothes exchange. Every single person on the planet has something unique to offer the world. The possibilities are infinite and at the centre of all of them is you, and the things you want to share with others.
Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how you might like to cultivate a sense of community for yourself:

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conversation circles

Making the space for deep conversation and reflection with others

Image description: Film night icon
sharing your hobbies
& passions

Work collaboratively with like-minded locals to bring a vintage film screening to your neighbourhood

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initiate diversity dinners on your street

Get to know your neighbours through driveway dinner parties that celebrate and share culture diversity

Image description: Growing flowers icon
create an urban garden

Meet new people and enjoy homegrown produce by starting an urban garden in a shared space

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host a friendly social event

Send an open-invitation to connect over your favourite activity

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seek out new experiences

Shared experiences help us connect, so go dancing, participate in a skill swap, initiate a Mexican cooking class – you do you!


If you’re keen to get out there and start meeting new people, then you should check out the Befriend Social Network! It’s a ready-made community of over 12,000 warm and welcoming people from all around Perth who regularly host and attend small shared social experiences, from bowling to coffee catch-ups. So if you’re looking to learn new skills, try new things and sweeten your social life… you’re in the right place!

Ready to connect?

If you’re curious about how you might find your community, reach out! We’re here to help.
Our Community Building team are some of the friendliest people you could ever meet and they’re here to support you to explore your community connectedness. They’ll be your thinking partners and your biggest cheerleaders, helping to connect you into different experiences, or create new ones!

You can reach them by calling (08) 9520 8574, texting 0404 831 201, or emailing .