Befriend Consulting supports mission-driven organisations with the design and development of innovative, contemporary approaches to community service and relationships. With inclusion and connectedness at the heart of everything we do, our work helps organisations and their people discover more impactful ways to think and act that enable and nurture connection.

Our work spans four key areas: 

Strategic development, growth and evolution

Organisational development and internal community building

Service design

Workforce development, up-skilling and capacity building

We’ve spent the last eight years learning from grassroots research, innovating models and frameworks and leading discovery experiences for our partners to facilitate their thinking and design of staff practices and service models. We are supported by and collaborate with a global network of practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and social entrepreneurs that continually strengthen our thinking and approaches to create an even deeper impact for the organisations we work with.

The team behind Befriend Consulting

We’re what you might call “people people”

The Befriend Consulting team have a diverse and creative skillset, underpinned by a strong academic background and invaluable sector experience. Together, we’ve spent our careers working with groups of residents in place-based communities, staff teams across diverse work environments, as well as individuals who experience barriers to social inclusion due to disability, mental ill-health, age, homelessness and other forms of social vulnerability. Our engagements have varied from workshops and on-going coaching with community-service organisations, strategic consulting, and design of programs and services.

We’re what you might call ‘people-people’, and we approach everything we do relationally, truly seeking to understand the needs of the individuals and organisations we work with to develop a meaningful, impactful working partnership. We are a small but mighty team who love to work with people who share our values and are as committed to their vision as we are. We’re part-thinkers, part-do-ers, part creative, part analytical, and 100% cheerleaders for the work you do. 

Image description: Workshop run by Befriend

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what some of our partners have to say about us and our work
Befriend has helped support our front line workers to think about meaningful engagement and learn new skills around increasing the involvement of people in the community. Their work mirrors our vision and our commitment to citizenship.
Befriend have given us a framework and tools that we can implement straight away. I will be carrying them forward with me and referring to them heavily when I visit my clients.

I learned and will take forward with me a new way of supporting our individuals; a way that focuses less on making sure they enjoy their time with me, and more focuses on helping them build their own life with their own pursuits and own social network.

Working together to create change

We’d love to learn more about you and your work, and understand how we could support your organisation to experience meaningful connection

We’d love to work with you to collectively create better relationship outcomes and a true sense of belonging for the people involved in your organisation or programme. We know that change doesn’t happen overnight, and we’re committed to supporting you over the long term to create meaningful, sustainable outcomes related to the way your organisation or programme experiences connectedness.

If you’re keen to hear more about what we can offer you and your organisation, please fill in the form below and a member of the Befriend Consulting team will reach out. Alternatively, feel free to drop us a direct email on .