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Digital technology can benefit everyone by offering opportunities to meet new people and stay connected with friends, family and your community.

There are many devices, apps and websites that are designed to help you meet and keep in touch with others. Learning how to use technology can empower you to access a whole new range of options for living a meaningful, active and enjoyable life. It's natural to feel a bit daunted when getting started - That's why we're here to help.

The eFriends Project aims to close the digital divide by providing customised training to individuals and groups across all devices and throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Our technology training is person-centred, fun and creative, and highly customised to participants' goals and skill levels.

What our participants say...

“I feel more confident and I can now use the computer to speak to people on Facebook and email which I couldn’t do before the training. I now use Facebook regularly and have lots of contacts on there which keeps me very busy.”

“My grandchildren couldn’t believe I could podcast – they were very impressed with me being able to do something they couldn’t.”

“My eFriends trainer was so patient, she never made me feel stupid and she helped me to gain confidence. I felt able to work at my own pace, I highly recommend this course.”

"I understood more than listening to my family."

What is the most enjoyable part about training?


"The fun we had while training."

"The individual attention."

eFriends for Individuals 

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